Hula Anyone?

Friday, October 17, 2008

A friend was celebrating his 50th Birthday in style....with a Hawaiian Birthday Party! We couldn't make it to the party, but I still made the cake anyway. I made a Tiki Hut on a Dessert Island.

The Hut was made out of a small butter tub covered with tooth picks. The island cake was covered in chocolate frosting and ground nuts for sand. The water was blue icing.

I molded White Chocolate Seashells and found a bag of edible rocks to put around the base. There are also Palm Trees because what tropical island doesn't have palm trees?

What's the black stuff?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Love Texas? Then you will love this cake. :) I made a cactus cake for a Texas Party! I bought a tera cotta plate and baked the 3D sports cake. (don't foget to put sticks in for support!!) I used a star tip to make it look prickly. The 'dirt' was ground up oreos and the flower on the top is silk. PS....look in the top picture to the left of the cake....that is the plastic cactus on which this one was modeled. The plastic one came from often do you find a cactus at goodwill???? LOL

Halloween Birthday Cake

Here's one I just finished a little while ago. My friend's Granddaughter is turning 1 tomorrow! They are having a Halloween theme party. I made a mad hatter cake and a mini cake for the birthday girl. I used Purple, Orange, Black and White. Now I just hope they like it......

Birthdays, Birthdays.....

Monday, October 6, 2008

Summer is a busy time for our family and Birthdays...First My Son, then Husband and finally Daughter.

This first cake is from My son's 7th Birthday. His Theme was Pokemon. I made Pokeball invitations, so of course, had to make a Pokeball Cake. The top is made with a 3D sports ball pan. (just a note....the pan takes the whole packaged cake mix....I had to make it 2 times because I didn't use the whole mix the first time) The bottom is a 2 layer 8 inch round cake. I used a stick to hold the whole thing together.
Here's a picture of it totally completed, with Pokemon all around it. He thought it was just the coolest cake EVER!

So, this brings me to my Daughter's 5th birthday. Her theme was Pink and Cowgirls. She has a crazy fascination with Horses. (I guess most little girls do) So, I decided to make a cake to look like a meadow with a horse corral.
I wanted to use a chocolate candy mold I have to make the fence pieces, but the weather in Nebraska at the end of July is not good for candy making (most days are close to 100 Degrees) and the pieces all broke. I ended up using colored popsicle sticks, cut and glued together. The horses are My Little Pony's I found at the Party Store.

Wedding Cakes

Friday, September 19, 2008

This cake was made for my Parent's 25th Anniversary. I used the cake stand that we had used to make my wedding cake and bought silver candles to put in it. The flowers were all small silk roses in red, white and silver.
This I made for a gift for my friend Enza renewing her wedding vows to her husband of 20 years. They were sooooo happy! I used a basketweave on the cake and lavender and white silk flowers with a votive holder and fake candle on the top.This was made for my friend Cecelia's Son's wedding. They had a very simple wedding, so I made a simple cake. They used peach, white and silver as their colors. I used peach and white roses and silver eddible glitter on the frosting.

This one was lots of fun to make. My friend Falen was having a Girls Night Out Wedding Themed Party. She wanted red roses and a traditonal feel. I used the 3 tiered garden stand. They had a great time at their party!

Character Cakes

Friday, September 12, 2008

Here are a few of the characters that I have created. Care Bear, Lightning McQueen and My Little Pony

Ant Hill Cake

Today I made a cake for my friend Jenn's oldest daughter's Birthday (Happy 7th Birthday Rachael!!!) She is having a "Fear Factor" Birthday Party with lots of icky games. It should be lots of fun. She decided that she wanted an Ant Hill cake, so this is what I came up with.....
The cake flavor is French Vanilla. After it is mixed and before pouring in pans, I dumped chocolate sprinkles in and mix them up. It will look like ants in the dirt. I used the Wilton Doll Cake Pan to make the ant hill, but you can use any metal or glass bowl. That was placed on top of a sheet cake. The ant hill is covered in frosting and then crushed chocolate and regular graham crackers. The rest is green for grass. Then the plastic toy ants were placed on top.
I told my kids that the sprinkles are real ants and they were very grossed out....they might not eat the cake! Oh well.....more for the adults! LOL. :)